In 1999, Erik Valdman, the founder of Karma Secrets Academy, first made a commitment to the research of the inner power of human potential.

The relentless daily work with adults and children. Integration of the most ancient traditions and the latest discoveries of science led him into what he believed to be the very next step in human evolution – practical spirituality and the founding of Karma Secrets Academy.

Today, our students from Canada, US, UK and over 60 other countries around the world, attend online classes, trainings and programs, to empower, awaken and bring into life their inner potential.

Not only will you be discovering your hidden talents, but you’ll also earn your certificate to empower the exact direction you decide to take in your life.

Committed to your success

Higher education, dedication and good support system, not talent alone, can make that difference and open the doors for you.

Overcoming emotional obstacles, family demands, and other realities of life can be a challenge. That’s why we’re committed to providing the practical karma and energy tools first.

From the day you enroll, you’ll have a personal energy program and a dedicated Advisor who helps you every step of the way.

An innovative approach

There may be many other different traditions and ways to reach the your highest potential.

Many of them are ancient with great roots and linage, some are more modern and innovative, others are integrative. But, no matter what these traditions are
they all must have an energy root, a beginning a highest common denominator.

Karma Secrets Academy is all about helping you find that highest common denominator in all these new and ancient traditions and not only integrating their forms but more so, empowering your growth from within.

“No Man Is An Island” (- 1624 prose work by the English writer John Donne)

You’ll also interact with faculty, students and contributors who to question and discover their world in a very similar way. You will have an opportunity to both draw from their discoveries, real-world and academic experience and become a contributor yourself.

This means that now, you will be inspired to observe and apply, what you learn in class the very next day you’re at home, with your family, work or business.
And with the “I AM” program and the Daily Karma you can instantly begin your journey preparing you for the CORE programs at the

Emotional Well Being, Spiritual Awakening – Practice and Inquiry, Teachers Path, Self Discovery, Professional Development levels — you’ll have choices and room to grow.

Contact an Enrollment Advisor to let us know how we can help you reach your higher education goals.