Overcome Stress And Anxiety

The question is why do intelligent, smart, capable and amazing people who understand everything, read all the books, listen to all the speakers still can’t overcome stress and anxiety


Stress and Anxiety are not in your Mind…

It’s not the mind that creates stress and anxiety. Even though we try and rationalize the solution with our minds, reactively try to resolve  our stress and anxiety, they still keep coming back, keep overwhelming us and it is not our mind

Well if it’s not our mind than what is it?
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My name is Erik Valdman and today I want to talk to you about cup half full and the cup half empty and I’m going to relate cup half full and the cup half empty with your state of stress and anxiety and how you see your world

So let’s begin this is how it works we’re all familiar with the cup is half full and the cup is half empty

We know we’ve been taught that the cup full if what we want

want the cup half full is really all all experience everything you did already have, everything that you already understand, and the question is where do you go from here?

Literally to the empty

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Formula Of Success


This is the formula of success, any kind of success health, financial success, relationships, it is all comes as the same curve.

All parallel to each other. If you don’t have an internal energy of success then to that degree the rest of your life will eventually take its toll.

When you watch this new video you’ll understand how formula of success effects your life.

Sometimes we are able to put a lot of energy into our work but we don’t pay attention to our health we don’t pay attention to our relationships and when that happens eventually it catches up with us and we collapse, we can not maintain the internal balance.

Now what I wanted to show you today, before we go anywhere else, is what are the highest level of success and what are the lowest level of success

We are going to start actually with “F” with FREDOM

Freedom is necessary to level of success. What is the highest level of freedom and what is the lowest level of freedom?

That lowest level of freedom is fear and the highest level of freedom is love and

We need to have “W” WILL to be successful.

The lowest level of will is inspired by pain or discomfort, The highest level will is inspired by a dream inspired by a vision

We go forward not because we are pushed from behind, but we go forward because we see something in front of us.

We can’t figure it out completely but we are following it anyway, going into the unknown. When we are inspired by the pain we literally protecting ourselves.

We are going to  leave the “E” ENERGY alone for this moment because this is where we going to tackle the success, this is where we are going to solve it

I’m gonna go right away to the “S” of SUCCESS and I want to share with you what is, in my opinion,  the high and the low levels os success.

The lowest level of success is INSTANT GRATIFICATION

Instant gratification is when you want to receive NOW, short and sweet, you don’t have patience, like the trained animals in the circus, they will not  do anything until you give them a sugar first.

Highest level success is CONSTANT GRATIFICATION where we want to be.

We are getting to constant gratification by addressing the “E” ENERGY.

Instant gratification is inspired by pain and  fear, constant gratification is inspired by vision and having faith in love.

My goal is to show you how by not addressing the pain or division, not by addressing the faith and fear but addressing the levels of energy within

Working with the karmic level of energy and expanding your self identity through that self identity we can reach the highest level of success.

And it has nothing to do with what we really thought it is but it’s it’s pure joy what’s called constant gratification.

We are living in a whole new world. Our grandparents and to a lesser degree our parents have ‘stopped’ their lives for us. In the name of LOVE, they were trying to install their ideology on us. Constantly complaining that ‘this generation’ will never amount to anything… Have we even noticed, have we stopped to think of the nature of human evolution and to how the direction of human desire and purpose has drastically shifted?

Are you still trying to make your children, your friends believe in what you do? Are you upset if they have different dreams and goals than you? Are you, by being hard on yourself and judgemental of your own choices and actions, unconsciously trying to submit your loved once and event your friends and strangers into following your path? And taking away their freedom and the ability to express their uniqueness and individuality…Are you ‘binding’ them and spiritually ‘choking’ them in the name of LOVE?

If I don’t catch myself, I am still doing it! And its time to grow up. It’s time to realise your own hidden inner potential. Watch the video above. We would love to hear your opinion.

Are you looking to ‘Get out of your own mind’? To find the ‘Block’ which is holding you back for years?

Join us in our upcoming Urban Elephant Retreat free yourself of the chains of your past and the fears of your future, expend your self identity to match the evolutionary changes of humanity and finally lead with your heart (as you get your own mind out of your own way)!

Are you being guided from your Future

(these words were written on August 11th, 2014, but were never posted…the photos were just added today…)

Dad last YearIt was my Dad’s 76th B-Day Yesterday. When I came by to great him he said: ” Erik, it is great to know that I was able to make it to this age, but what is more important is that I want to live for much, much longer, at least in as good of shape as I am today…or maybe even get better!” he had a full smile and his face was shining.

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The Three Elephants And THE HIGHEST REWARD

this story will change a lot of the outlook that you have on the practice, that you have on your life…

the purpose of today is to follow ancient footprints to stand on the shoulders of giants of the past

to have enough strength to step back and to follow these footprints as to leave some of our footprints behind for others

{Urban Elephant Footprints} is a companion to our urban elephant retreats as a companion to our urban elephant journal…

helps us make more sense of our life improve our mindsets and our focus everytime that our mind goes away we are able to bring it back into a fruitful practice, into a powerful practice and help us fall in love with the meditation practice itself… as everytime we are succesful at our practice of meditation we get closer to it we enjoy it more…we all like to be succesfull at everything that we do but at the same time, success comes with effort, with dedication and so it is, the practice itself ensures that meditation becomes a new rutine you feel more and more comfortable with it, it becomes a new norm…

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Why Join Urban Elephant Retreat

We are so so exited to announce our very first SEVEN DAY Energy Retreat !

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Even though it seemed as a ‘last minute’ decision we have been meditating and working towards this for many years

We were looking for a way:

1. to bring The Art of BIM to all the people who are currently suffering from the every day challenges of life, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, physical and emotional pain which is holding them back from knowing themselves knowing their purpose and Read More

The New Commodity

Just as a child would rebel against a parent who takes away their freedom to express their gifts, their uniqueness, their individuality. So will your body, rebel if taken away the Freedom of expressing its hidden inner potential.

A child first needs help, then guidance and then and then an inspiration, to be himself or herself, so does your body. We do well on helping, and even supporting but often miss on the inspiring. We even try to replace the body instead of allowing it the freedom and the growth. But it is not our fault. We were never told that the body is capable of further growth nor shown the ways to give it inspiration.
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The “A” Factor in Business

The ART of self awareness and not the latest Technology may be leading factor to business success in the twenty first century overwhelm

You can no longer win on technology, price, or even on timely info…

To give people a personal touch over this technology overwhelm, is an ART !

This Art actually requires a greater understanding of oneself.
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