The Three Elephants And THE HIGHEST REWARD

this story will change a lot of the outlook that you have on the practice, that you have on your life…

the purpose of today is to follow ancient footprints to stand on the shoulders of giants of the past

to have enough strength to step back and to follow these footprints as to leave some of our footprints behind for others

{Urban Elephant Footprints} is a companion to our urban elephant retreats as a companion to our urban elephant journal…

helps us make more sense of our life improve our mindsets and our focus everytime that our mind goes away we are able to bring it back into a fruitful practice, into a powerful practice and help us fall in love with the meditation practice itself… as everytime we are succesful at our practice of meditation we get closer to it we enjoy it more…we all like to be succesfull at everything that we do but at the same time, success comes with effort, with dedication and so it is, the practice itself ensures that meditation becomes a new rutine you feel more and more comfortable with it, it becomes a new norm…

As we continew working with the new mindsets and begin seeing the world in a new way. Our ability to feel much more confident and comfortable in our every day suddenly it all is coming together…aha moments come and we begin feeling on top again…not without the ups and downs as they too are natural…

So here we are, our work is part of the ”oral tradition”. Here we are exchanging the energy, exchanging our intentions,

You are hearing the words, and reflecting, but not only reflecting on the words which you are hearing me say, but also reflecting on the words that you are hearing in the back of your mind…those two are coming together and giving birth to a very unique energy experience…which we are taking and embodying.

We begin from a standing posture, as we always do, that helps us embody.

Standing up is helping us to be more free, not only in the mind but also in the body

The beauty about stories is that they hold a life lesson or even multiple lessons in a very unique and colorful way, but rarely do not directly tell you what action to take or what action not to take. Stories create a whole brain experience…imagery of life situations.

These stories teach us, inspire us, and are there far ito the future for us to learn and be further inspired by them…

So I hope this “Three Elephant Story” inspires your meditations, your family and your life at your most challenging moments and help free you…

We will continue following these ancient footprints, learn to better embody the energy and use their wisdom to light our path and the path of others who are following us…

here is the actual story:

here is the story of the three elephants

there was a king which had big respect for the wisdom and the memory of elephants so came a day he needed to send a message to another king across the land he asked his trusted elephant to carry his message…

but he worned the elephant that the message must be kept in secret as if he will be discovered and they will find out that he carries the secret he will be torchured and punished for having that secret.

So please do it with the greatest of wisdom. pass through the land and do not get discovered or caught. and get to the other king and give him the message that I’ve sent you with.

He did it with such wisdom. that no one even suspected who he was, as he passed through the enemy land and safely deliverd the message.

Then the King sent another, second elephant again with a secret message, worning him as well, that he will be passing through enemy land and he is not to be caught or discovered or he will be torchured…

This second elephant was not so lucky, with all his wisdom, they have somehow suspected him,that he had been carying some mesaage, he got caught but was wise and brave enough to convince them that he had nothing and somehow got away and maneged to get to the other king and to deliver the secret message.

The very next time the king sent the third elephant, again warning him not to be caught, to use his wisdom as if he was going to et caught he would be torchured. The Elephant agreed, did all that he could but got caught.

They discovered that he was sent by the king and that he was delivering a secret. Then begun torchuring him, so he would reviel the sectet to them. But despite all the punishment they gave him, and all the suffering he kept the secret intact, and did’t tell them anthing. So, they had nothing left and let him go.

The kings advisors came together, and tryed to decide who deserves the greatest reward. Some said that the first elephant was deservant of the biggest reward. He was so wise to get through the enemy land and not even to be noticed. So he deserves the reward for his wisdom.

Others said the second elephant is more deservant. As he was already in the hands of the enemy, but as wise and was brave enough to escape. So he is deservant of the highest praise.

But the King concluded, No, the highest praise should be given to the third elephant. As he too wanted to be as the first or the second, but he didn’t succeed…but through being caught and even being tortured he did not give up, he did not reviel the secret. So he is deservant of the highest prays.

In our world there are people who are born, with many talents and easy karma, they go through life withought many obsticles. Life apears easy for them and they go through life very happy and sucessful.

Others are like the second elephant, they want the easy life as well, but life places some obsticles infront of them, they seem to be wise enough and brave enough and with litle dificulty they overcome their challenges and find their hapiness.

But as the king has ruled, the hif=ghest praise is given to those who have fallen and fallen hard. Who have been given the gratest tests and even gone the wrong way, but they didn’t give up, they got up and inspite the pain and the torture that they had to endure they kept their faith and kept moving forward. those who have been tested the most and kept getting up you deserve the all the highest rewards.

So, which elephant are you?


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