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Personal Growth Education

Attending Karma Secrets Academy is a very personal journey. Each course or program designed with care and professionalism to ensure quality and relevance to help you achieve your life goals.

But more so to help your discover your uniqueness and individuality to be better expressing yourself in your work, play, with your family and more.

Karma Secrets Academy naturally attracts people who appreciate the need for inner growth and have a strong desire to live by doing good. This offers the opportunity to make personal and professional connections with very special people that can last a lifetime.

Who benefits the most from Karma Secrets Academy?


Our Beginners Program can give you a solid foundation into the your inner hidden potential, the cognitive and affective processes at the core of human survival and development – so you can relieve the stress, anxiety, gain new focus and direction to help you find and effectively express your true self with your family, friends, colleagues and business partners.


The purpose of Karma Secrets Advanced programs is to support a worldwide community of like minded teachers, healers and practitioners achieve inner growth, and strengthen their own ability in the most ethical and genuine way helping, their family, friends, and their students to find their own mental, emotional and physical health and mostly their FREEDOM.

Why Take Karma Secrets Seriously

The Picture of the learning environment has changed for ever.

Many things have changed, but mostly the need of the contribution of thought, opinion and talent of each individual person.

Though centuries, for the scientists, writers, artists, musicians or filmmakers, self expression was always necessary, but today, self expression becomes the one and the hidden components of a healthy mind, body and spirit for each and every individual, of any age.

This often numbed or even dismissed, in the not so far past, the need of unique expression, fast became the personal measure of contribution and value, of the individual, a unit of measuring happiness.

Today, more then ever, not only for self development but for the need for co-creation, now this inevitable need of inspiration of others.

It has been put for the test by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Groupon, Pinterest, personal blogging platforms, Youtube, Amazon, Apple and other fast growing, consumer driven, billion dollar ventures.

We are at an age where adults are required to Read More!

Karma, Body, Mind and Spirit

Are You Ready?

How does Karma relate to the more common natural and energy practices related to the unity and connection of the Body, Mind and Spirit?

Let us just begin by saying that Karma Secrets Academy does not intend to replace any conventional or spiritual learning. Here you are both exposed and even encouraged for more knowledge, experience, questioning and discovering the vibration energy and the physical world.

But what you will soon discover Karma Secrets Academy has another, additional, often hidden layer of value.

First, giving you the energy to be free of fear of both failure and successes. Then being the inspiration to finding your hidden potential, the ability to bring to surface your gifts and growing awareness. The final stage is leading you as if by your hand, to bringing those gifts into your life and the life of others. Read More!