The Picture of the learning environment has changed for ever.

Many things have changed, but mostly the need of the contribution of thought, opinion and talent of each individual person. Though centuries, for the scientists, writers, artists, musicians or filmmakers, self expression was always necessary, but today, self expression becomes the one and the hidden components of a healthy mind, body and spirit for each and every individual, of any age.

This often numbed or even dismissed, in the not so far past, the need of unique expression, fast became the personal measure of contribution and value, of the individual, a unit of measuring happiness.
Today, more then ever, not only for self development but for the need for co-creation, now this inevitable need of inspiration of others.

It has been put for the test by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Groupon, Pinterest, personal blogging platforms, Youtube, Amazon, Apple and other fast growing, consumer driven, billion dollar ventures.

We are at an age where adults are required to grow up.

Enough with chasing for more knowledge and experiences. That is rapidly being replaced by these advanced technologies and more so by the birth of artificial intelligence algorithms, we are now forced and ready to gain what no machine could ever replace – WISDOM. But Gaining Wisdom is not simple nor an easy choice we must now make. The need for wisdom may have been what was written and meant by Spirituality or Inner Growth.

So what does this new educational environment feel like?

Everyone is familiar with the age old parent child development structure. Today we are clear on the facts that those children who were given a voice, allowed to express their individuality and contribute to their choices of learning have often experienced a happier childhood and comparatively a more satisfying adult experience. The parent child relationship presents no choice, it is internal, instinctive and likely the natures way to prepare us to this next stage.

A teacher student relationship is that next stage, but it is very different from when a student is still a child.

This New Teacher student relationship is now a choice YOU make.

The definition of a teacher has been changing drastically, even more so, in the past ten years.
Many are aware of the technological changes, but they have been a result of a dramatic shift in universal energy change, the same change which could be the very reason for the stress and the anxiety you’re feeling, bu now looked at as not the problem but the sign and the very reason which forces all of us to simply have to “Grow Up”.

How Can you Tell?

Just observe your every day experiences. Driven by some inner forces you are no longer experiencing the simple joys and happiness. Something is missing. Could it be the signs of that inner growth element missing ?

Gaining of Wisdom is the Adult way of Growth

Learning as gaining new knowledge and experience, as it is the basic “survival” means of growth, going from nothing to something, 100% is the means of education for children.

For adults the gaining of knowledge and experience, was meant to take second place to gaining of wisdom, or going from any level of content to discovering and rediscovering its meaning.

Any higher learning must stimulate this “gaining of wisdom” or it will no longer be giving the student, the feeling of being “right”, as your inner system will be almost showing you the way.

So, isn’t Meditation the answer?

Suddenly, even things which in the past where your source of joy and happiness no longer deliver. The information seems not to lead anywhere important. The practice, even your meditations and spiritual studies, no longer guaranty joy and happiness.

Getting back to reality…

As you try to find any reasonable answer, the stress of every day life is overwhelming and even meditations may not be a good enough rejuvenation or escape. You know that you have not wasted your time, you know that energy is the answer but there must be something more, something to bring this to completion.

You are fully aware that this self criticism, the stress of not able to be heard and understood, could lead to a serious burnout, even an illness. Naturally it begins putting stress on your relationships.
You understand energy, you don’t want to blaming anyone. Your life partners, your close friends, your coworkers, your boss…you’re feeling stuck.

The truth is that you are not alone.

There are many people who have been searching for an answer, and just like you, seemed to find it in meditation, yoga and ancient studies. But now again, are discovering that something is missing, there is an extra step they must take but what is that step and where to find it…

You may even be able to relate, as when and if you found yourself stuck ,you too, had the option to numb your negative feelings, you could go meditate, take a yoga tai-chi, reiki or other class, you could have a quick get away, you could try not to think of the past, not to plan to much for the future, not to associate with people who would drain your energy, you may have thought of changing your partner, your job, your place of residence and starting over again, you may even did some or all of these…

You may also recognize this in others, in your family members, friends, coworkers as they are desperately looking for the next fix, a magic pill to solve their luck of satisfaction in themselves and in others.
You may have noticed the growing dependencies of modern society, the overeating, overconsumption, the replacing of self with reality tv, the on line gambling, the glorifying of beer and liqueur closely resembling the old cigarette advertisements, etc.

So what is the secret?

Everyone is looking for that secret which can make them financially free, successful or even famous…but then you can also see, as those who found that success, even the smartest, most talented, the most influential and celebrated people, seem to be losing the grip, the purpose to their everyday life, needing that same inner growth, but not finding it and having to numb their desires just as well.

We see but not often can make the connection to the bursting bumble of the world economic state, which begun with each individual luck of joy and now inevitably effects each and every individual back.
We have no need to stop consumption and pleasure, we simply need to do it for the right reasons. What and how we consume is directly related to our happiness with ourselves.

Simply Karma

So here you are, anxious and overwhelmed, ready to save your life, and by doing so, even without intending, saving the world entire! KARMA at its best!

Does it have to be complicated to be true?

Often you may find, the most important things, the most powerful things, are really simple. It is the simplicity of Karma that makes it so difficult to notice and often even to trust and to practice.

What if today’s inner growth is simply the finding of your freedom ?

Once you are clear on the fact, that the inner efforts and the steps you are taking today, have a common meaning to both your inner calling and your contribution to others, to society as a whole – you are then FREE.

You are free because every thought every word and every action you take finally answers to being true to self. You are suddenly need not living a ‘double life’, no longer having to pretend to be who you are not willing to be. You do know what this, non material, often non measurable change of inner state, means for your piece of mind, health and happiness?

The time has come, for everyone who has gone through the pains, the challenges, and are ready, to stop looking for the answers out there, to really begin the possess of finding and cultivating their inner gifts, highlighting their uniqueness and individuality without the gilt , as it is selfish not to.

Building better relationships, designing new products and services, incorporating new forms of education which will help inspire others do the same. Without the fear of being yourself,still discovering your true purpose but already contributing authenticity in everything you do, you begin helping others to find and express their uniqueness and individuality and freeing them to live a life of meaning as you discover more of yourself.

Karma Secrets Academy has the purpose to set the stage, to be that place and that platform to help inspire and teach others to see the world from this freeing perspective.
No matter what job you may hold, what language you may speak, , what background you come from, what believes you may hold, what gender, age, or economic status you have, we hope that here you can find something special, to both express and inspire your current needs and desires.

“Today, it is your contribution to society, which becomes the number one unit of measure, the reason for your healthy mind, body and spirit.” – Erik Valdman, founder of Karma Secrets Academy