How does Karma relate to the more common natural and energy practices related to the unity and connection of the Body, Mind and Spirit?

Let us just begin by saying that Karma Secrets Academy does not intend to replace any conventional or spiritual learning. Here you are both exposed and even encouraged for more knowledge, experience, questioning and discovering the vibration energy and the physical world.

But what you will soon discover Karma Secrets Academy has another, additional, often hidden layer of value.

First, giving you the energy to be free of fear of both failure and successes. Then being the inspiration to finding your hidden potential, the ability to bring to surface your gifts and growing awareness. The final stage is leading you as if by your hand, to bringing those gifts into your life and the life of others.

What if everything you’ve ever learned becomes more important to you today, then ever was when first studied? What if every moment of life experience, pleasant or not, could suddenly become an important source of inspiration? What if you never head to protect yourself again? For more about this please read the transcription of “The Energy Balances”.

Your Inner Growth is not only possible today, but rapidly becoming a necessary fro survival. You will soon discover how being aware of Karmic Changes is a basic requirement to being Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Healthy. Now, every step you make, from your Relationships, to your life Success is ever dependent on your Energy and Your Karma. A topic well described in “The Formula of Success” Lecture.

To help better understand the value and the stages to Karma, let us first look at a simple physical example of any ‘skin condition’.

(A word of warning, we are not here to either challenge nor educate the important medical side and diagnosis of any ailment. What we are trying to show is the proven connection and progression of any physical symptoms to emotional and energy core.)

Clearly, you may need to take care of your skin condition , and chose the advice of a professional in that field. But lets just try and follow the development of illness, skin condition, from the physical symptoms inwards. Based on modern science and some ancient knowledge let us try to reverse engineer, and follow the ‘timeline’ of this specific condition.

Medical science has shown the direct connection between a skin condition to some digestive disorders. Many studies have also shown that digestion is easily negatively effected by strong emotions of fear and stress and positively effected by normal and happy emotional state. It may also be very logical to see where the mind, the thoughts are when one is in a state of fear or a stress. We are currently not even looking at the blood pressure, sugar levels, breath and oxygen intake, absorption of nutrients, sleeping disorders or social effects of stress and resulting negative thinking. We are just looking at the skin condition.

Even if you are not a trained physician, nor a researcher, simply based on your life experience, you already know these connections, progressing from the emotional to mental to physical to social, to be true.

We know, everything to be energy.

Now we know also are observing the time line of Emotions effecting Thoughts, effecting Physical Body, effecting our Social Ability, Actions and even missed opportunities. But more about that a bit later in the GREEN LINE LECTURE.

So, let us look even deeper, as if regress back in time, to see what could have caused us fear, stress, anxiety,anger, at self or others… I think you are beginning to get the full picture.

Although coming from different traditions, at some stages of human development, starting thousands of years ago, select few, begun discovering the connection between energy states and emotional responses. One such ancient tradition, has brought us the knowledge of the Chakras, and the practice of Yoga.

Karma is also a term which originated with the same time and discovery. Where I have no doubt, that at the exact same time, in other different traditions, very similar discoveries have also been made. But as the truth is only one, just the words we describe it will likely to change, we chose to take the words of this ancient Indian tradition but to encompass the universal knowledge of all possible traditions in it.

The Synthesis of Ancient Traditions is much in practice, then it is in its theory. You will soon be able to actually experience this as your very first encounter with the Practical Part of Karma Secrets, in the very Introduction to “Beyond Survival” training.

The actual connection between the Chakras and Emotions you can read in The Introduction to Chakras from the the Karma Secrets “Beyond Survival” Training material.

The Chakra system is generally presented as SEVEN energy centres ,in advanced training you will also discover the reason we believe there are THREE more, higher centres and how they define unselfish expression of uniqueness and individuality within unity.

Now, each chakra has a direct connection and influence on our emotional states, feelings, thoughts and actions.

But, what if we look even deeper. What if we could, just like when looking at the stars, or at the genes, make a more powerful microscope and see what happens even beyond the Chakras, the energy centres? (For more about Karma, Time and Energy see “The White Line” lecture.)

We would likely to discover the bigger system, the place of greater commonality, a place of unity, which is likely to connect and originate all living and non living matter as a more pure energy message. Just think of electricity giving life to software expressing in the hardware making the bottle you drank water from this morning.

Now, we begin the journey into our personal discovering, “the place” where everything is one.

KARMA may be seen as this kind of a place, from which we may receive both the individual and the general message of being.

If you are a beginner to Karma study, there are four important things to know about KARMA. First that it is always changing. Second that it is changing regardless of your knowing or not knowing about the existence of Karma. Third that your Karma is not independent, it is dependent on others who are close to you. The fourth , that you aware, you can effect the change in your Karma. You will discover these tools in reversing of flow of Energy in the fifth lesson of “Beyond Survival” Training.

There are different levels of Karma which are actively effecting every moment of your life.

There is your individual, Personal Karma, that is covered in the very first course and the “Beyond Survival” Training.

There is the Karma of Your Family, practical applications covered in the second course – “Magical Spheres” and the more advanced training of Karmic Relationships, and others advanced courses.

There is also the Karma of Humanity ,which among other higher teachings is extensively covered in the 18 modular Karma Scope Project. (KSP)

The most important part is not be over whelmed by information.

The core premise of Karma Secrets Academy is to properly balance new knowledge and information with the inner growth. Your gaining of WISDOM now becoming the focus, the beginning and not the end result of your physical practice. The very first step of which is raising the energy and changing your Karmic Momentum.

Just as we were to be heating up a tea pot, speeding up the water molecules. Once the temperature is at its ideal high, we would begin seeing the inevitable change of state. Just like the water would change from a liquid form to a steam, wisdom is evident in the change of awareness.

Unlike this simple physical example of the state changes of water, there are many such awareness changes possible in human inner growth and development. The lucky few have been able to get more then one such state in one life time. For thousands of years, for most, but the select few, these Extreme Changes in Karma and Awareness, where only possible through Reincarnation.

Today, the shifts of common energy fields, actually allow conscious for real rapid changes of Awareness. The critical mass,or if you may, the speed, the quality of energy now, supports and even inspires, more and more people to experience rapid inner growth. The feeling of almost ‘being born again’ and the ability to look at the ‘old self’ as if you were living someone else’s life. Today, this change of awareness, no longer requires the many years of isolated dedicated meditation and sacrifices, but does call for proactive choice for inner growth, with very accurate and dedicate mindsets.

These needs for inner Growth and Karmic Changes become more and more evident for the mental, spiritual and physical being of the younger generations. You can learn more about that, in Karma Secrets for Parents and Children.